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Landlords V’s Tenants

The Battle Continues! Unfortunately there have been two basic incidents announced over the past week, where Landlords/ Property Managers have failed to meet their obligations. One Wellington Landlord began construction work in a tenants back yard after only giving the tenant 5 days notice, allegedly limiting her chances of additional income from live streaming in […]

Let’s not let the facts get in the way of a story!

In response to the article that was published on Stuff – 1 October 2018 – “Landlord faces $42K damage bill after tenant trashed property” – link This story does little to promote good landlords or tenants. To use this example is completely wrong related to Residential Tenancy. The Facts: The Landlord admits in the article […]

Response to “Warm and Cosy Homes for Everyone”

In response to a recent opinion piece published in the ODT on Monday 13th August by Mayor of Dunedin Dave Cull who is also chairman of the Cosy Homes Trust: Mayor Cull makes some very pointed statements regarding a stand of residential rental homes. In particular Mayor Cull identifies two key ‘Acts that form the […]

Property Institute move a “Game Changer” – Really?

In response to article: What is known now, not over the “next couple of years”, is that there is in fact standards’ that must be meet. The current Residential Tenancy 2016 amendment Act, Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act 2017 all provide the requirements for Properties and […]

Smoke Alarms and the Importance of them!

Article by Roya Gorjifard Fire is a chemical reaction that needs three essential elements to happen, called the  “Fire Triangle”. Heat – Ignition source includes everything that produces heat or spark such as heaters, naked flames, smokers’ materials (cigarettes, matches, etc.) Fuel – Burning substances or fuel such as paper, furniture, plastic, loose packing materials, […]