Certificate of Compliance Business Opportunity

Our Certificate of Compliance Licences are broken up and operate by postcode areas. Let us know what region you would like to operate in and we will look at which postcode areas are still available for purchase.

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What do you get with your licence?

  • LICENCE TO OPERATE THE SYSTEM – This gives Assessors in each region the authority and right to conduct a Certificate of Compliance in their chosen licence areas. Licences are sold by regions and based on postcode areas.
  • ACCESS TO THE SOFTWARE PACKAGE – The software package we supply you with is compatible with Apple Ipad technology. The software allows for quick, consistent reporting and gives Assessors the ability to take and upload photos to reports.
  • OPERATIONAL MANUAL – Our operational manual is a complete guide to the Certificate of Compliance program. This page manual is regularly updated to align with property building codes and policy.
  • ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM – We have a centralised booking system, run and operated from our head office. Here we allocate bookings based on your region and postcode.
  • ID CARD – Every Certificate of Compliance Assessor is given a personalised identification card. This identifies that they are qualified to conduct a Certificate of Compliance, and they are able to carry this out for five years from the sign update.
  • HEALTH AND SAFETY – If Assessors don’t already have health and safety practices and policies in place we can build and supply them with an H&S package for an affordable annual fee.
  • MARKETING MATERIAL – Head office supplies all licence holders and regions with marketing material. All social media sites, graphic design, and promotional material is designed by head office and sent directly to licence holders.

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