The Compliance Pre Check is a tool used to produce a Rental Certificate of Compliance. It confirms your premise as lawful and provides a standardised livability rating system for all Residential Properties. You will be provided with a full report outlining any non – compliant components and how you can over come these.

There are three critical elements before a COC can be obtained:

  • All Rental Proeprties must have Local Body Sign off
  • Insulation – All Rental Propertiess must have ceiling insulation and underfloor insulation where accessable to obtain a COC
  • Health and Safety – All Rental Properties must have an implemented Health and Safety System including:
    • Health and Safety Policy and Procedure
    • Contractor Management
    • Implementation

The Certificate of Compliance is Valid for 12 months at which time you will receive a reminder for renewal.

Looking for a measurement tool to determine if your Rental Property meets compliance, and recieve an overall livability grade to use for your marketing purposes, complete the form below to book your Compliance Pre Check.