Rental WOF’s Too Tough

Rental WOF's Too Tough

Question Raised: Are Rental WOF’s Too Tough?

From Rental WOF’s already conducted, many people have expressed their concern or raised the question, are Rental WOF’s Too Tough?  We would like to respond to these questions and concerns raised.

Rental WOF’s Too Tough?

A Rental Warrant of Fitness needs to “be tough” otherwise it has no value.

The question really is, IS IT FAIR?

The Wellington trial clearly is not appropriate or fit for purpose. This has been well signaled over a number of years to the University of Otago.

The problem is that the Otago model, as supported by the Wellington City Council, is an academic process and a product based on researching the research.

At ✓Rental Warrant of Fitness, the research has been utilised to create a standard that is tough, but fair, standardised, tested, independent and commercially responsible.

A pass/ fail process does not work and cannot work.

The research and subsequent feedback supports a scaled process.

✓Rental Warrant of Fitness utilises a scaled process enabling a defined livability standard that can be measured to provide information that will enable a lift in the overall standard of livability for Rental properties.

The system supported by the Wellington City Council is grossly unfair, unworkable and cannot be effectively operationalised to be the much-needed measure of livability for Rental Properties in New Zealand.

By comparison – ✓Rental Warrant of Fitness is setting the standard. Is Nationally available, consistent, measurable and fiscally responsible.

✓Rental Warrant of Fitness is ‘tough’ (as a standard should be) but very fair in its application that’s enabling the process of Livability standards to increase.

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